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Nyonger Farm - East Hyden, Western Australia

Welcome to John & Bernadette Cashmores page about our property 'Nyonger'.
We are located at 541 Cashmore Road, East Hyden. WA
GPS co-ordinates - S32 21.009 E119 10.758 (WGS 84)

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Lambs playing
Lambs at play in paddock 13.

July, 2007
F1 Dorper ewes with lambs at foot
These ewes are the first cross of dorper ram over merino ewe. Lambs are F2 dorper/merino cross.
Paddock 2.

24th August, 2008
Two girls on motorbike
Tike and Bella ready for a ride at dusk.

6th May, 2008
Tike and Bernadette with motorbike
Tike and Bernadette with the motorbike in paddock 16.

2nd August, 2007
Yard work
"Get up Tike!" says John.

24th October, 2006
Dog Training
John, Bernadette and David, along with Tike and Bella, attended Neil Kristiansen's dog training school (near Northam).
A week later, back here at "Nyonger", Bella is 'balancing' 4 dorper sheep to Bernadette.

18th May, 2008
3 Dorper Rams
Three Dorper Rams in sheep yards. We have moved out of the fine wool producing merino breed and are now putting these sturdy, low fat, high meat, dorper breed over the remaining merinos and merino/dorper cross ewes.

June, 2007
New Dorper Rams
Two new Dorper Rams (front right) in sheep yards with our 'dog-training' mob. New dorper rams are
purchased annually to ensure good genetics and prevent 'in-breeding'.

17th Sept, 2008
Ortega the Alpaca guardian
Ortega the Alpaca guards the lambing ewes in paddock 16.

August, 2007
A despised predator
A fox cleaning up this poor sheep in paddock 15c. The fox, along with the rabbit, were introduced into Australia in the 1800's. Ever since they have wreaked havoc to native and domestic animals alike.

6th October, 2008
Paddocks 16 and 17
Looking across paddocks 16, 17 and 18, this nice stand of salmon gums can be seen.

August, 2007

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