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Nyonger Farm - East Hyden, Western Australia

Welcome to John & Bernadette Cashmores page about our property 'Nyonger'.
We are located at 541 Cashmore Road, East Hyden. WA
GPS co-ordinates - S32 21.009 E119 10.758 (WGS 84)

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Our front gate
Welcome to "Nyonger".
Left: - "Nyonger" is an aboriginal word for kangaroo. A huge salmon gum tree stands as a sentinel at our front gate.
Right: - Green environmentally sensitive sign for an Organic farm, permitting only cleaned, chemical-free vehicle entry and non application of chemicals by Western Power (or anyone else).
This sign is at the entrance to the property on the front gate.

January, 2008
Aerial view of homestead
Our house, sheds, grain silos etc, are set in a salmon gum woodland.
The white/pink lines amidst the green are level wisalt banks (curved) and farm tracks (straight).
Both are used to 'harvest' water - collecting and distributing any run-off rain into dams.
With no underground water supply, we rely entirely on catching what falls upon the farm.
A roaded water catchment (parallel white lines - upper left of photo) helps feed the two dams visible.

9th July, 2007
Meet some of the workers
John and Bernadette with our girls Tike and Bella, near the house on Nyonger.
Tike is a Woonwooring kelpie. Bella a short haired border collie.

27th August, 2008
Preparing the Biodynamic 500
Cow horns were filled with fresh cow manure and buried for a few months. Here we see a group of bio-dynamic farmers (and young David) pull up the horns filled with the now nature-enhanced, pure colloidal humus which is called '500'. After further preparations, this is sold to the farmers, who liquify, stir and annually spray onto all their soil.

7th November 1993. Kendenup WA.
Boom Spray & Stirring Machine
Here the 120' boom spray is ready to be filled with the stirred '500'. The stirring machine must operate in the open air. The square yellow water tank has a coiled heat chimney within. The water has been warmed to blood temperature and then pumped into the 6 stainless steel bowls and stirred with some '500' for one hour.

16th June, 2008
Stirring Machine in operation
This is an overhead view of the "egg beater" which regularly stirs first clockwise to create a vortex, then stops, while the water creates chaos, then stirs anticlockwise, until a vortex is created, and so on. The '500' becomes thoroughly oxygenated and 'bio-active' in the warm water. After an hour it is ready to be sprayed (via boom spray shown below) over moist soil which STIMULATES the bio-activity in that soil.

16th June, 2008
Spraying the Biodynamic 500
Annual spraying of the nature enhanced Biodynamic 500 onto paddock 12. The '500' sprayed out here is now a liquified, stirred preparation of pure colloidal humus, full of earth worm castings and microbial activity. Once applied to moist soil, it is drawn down and 'stimulates' microbial activity to create fertile healthy soil, hence healthy plants, animals and so on down the food chain.

8th July, 2007
Seed Cleaning
Here we see a transfer of seed going through the blue 'seed cleaner', which takes out most unwanted seeds, leaving the rest ready for planting.

20th May, 2008
Seeding Machines
Here we see the JCB tractor, pulling 3 heavy machines - the airseeder, cultivator, followed by the harrows.

27th May, 2008
Seeding in progress
The last day of seeding in paddock 17 - the plover paddock.

1st June, 2008
This looks good
The barley looks so promising here in paddock 1. We hoped it would rain soon with no frost before harvest.

16th July, 2008
Nice Green Crop
Nice green crop of barley in paddock 3. King Rock in the background on the horizon.

July, 2007

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